Gennita Low's Writing Muse needs a voice now and then to remind Gennita about her love for writing and her battle with words. It's a dark world illuminated by the glow of creation. The Muse is that light. Sometimes she sleeps. Sometimes she's ferocious. Often she patiently waits. Pst. Never ignore her. Feed the Muse or else.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Mental Breakthrough

Today I spoke to you through your agent. Did you hear me?

Let's review:

1. It's Just Jed.

2. He isn't the work of your life.

3. It's. Just. Jed.

4. Don't let him block you. He's a bastard. He's trying to keep you from all your other heroes. He's jealous of being replaced. He wants to be JUST JED. See? Different emphasis, Gennita.

I speak through different ways, different people, because sometimes you don't listen to me. And I hope, by using unexpected voices, there will be a revelation to unblock your fear.

Listen to your agent. She is right. Make that poster and put it in front of you.

It's Just Jed.

To my readers, listen carefully. Sometimes, the most unexpected voice is your Muse's in disguise.

Thank you, Gennita's agent. You got her attention!