Gennita Low's Writing Muse needs a voice now and then to remind Gennita about her love for writing and her battle with words. It's a dark world illuminated by the glow of creation. The Muse is that light. Sometimes she sleeps. Sometimes she's ferocious. Often she patiently waits. Pst. Never ignore her. Feed the Muse or else.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Excuser

You have been reading. And learning from reading. That is good. But now you need to sit down and write. You have been ignoring your problem and instead have taken to walking down the path admiring other people's roses. That's well, for a while, but when you do that:

1) the writer in you loses focus
2) the creator in you starts dozing
3) the story in you wanders away
4) the doubter in you begins doing that horrible disgusting self-emolliation thing that makes me want to kick your backside. Hard.