Gennita Low's Writing Muse needs a voice now and then to remind Gennita about her love for writing and her battle with words. It's a dark world illuminated by the glow of creation. The Muse is that light. Sometimes she sleeps. Sometimes she's ferocious. Often she patiently waits. Pst. Never ignore her. Feed the Muse or else.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Juggling Plotlines

Sometimes it's just one page.

I'll take it.

Something to start the flow. A line floating by. The image of a silhouette against the sunlight. The sigh of sleeplessness. It all means something. Use them as the starting point.

It's funny how a plot can blow up into so many sub-plots, isn't it? Well, funny in a panicky clown-juggling-balls sort of way. On a unicycle. Ya, you, da clown. You just have to make people laugh while you struggle, don't you?

The hardest part with the middle of a story is the inability to close those growing story holes. Too many balls in the air, and you're afraid they'll fall on the ground and bounce off. You can't think about that when you're juggling writing. You have to keep up with your inner eye.

When you stop juggling, then THAT is the time to patch those holes. I suppose you can reverse juggle and get all that done the first time round, but really, you aren't that good a clown yet.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Day To Greatness

All right.

Vacation's over.

You KNOW IT'S TIME to get back into the story. There is pain and pleasure in writing, in any creation. You have had the pleasure of reading and rereading, now because you've been eating too many sweet books and procrastinating, I must whip the words out of you.

Today, you will start a new chapter. Literally. It's the first day of the year, my dear girl. Write outside if you have to, but write. It'll take off from there.

Hmm. The sound of a swishing whip is rather sexy.