Gennita Low's Writing Muse needs a voice now and then to remind Gennita about her love for writing and her battle with words. It's a dark world illuminated by the glow of creation. The Muse is that light. Sometimes she sleeps. Sometimes she's ferocious. Often she patiently waits. Pst. Never ignore her. Feed the Muse or else.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Writing Demons

Today I found a very appropriate picture and I named it Writing Demons:

Which is your demon hanging onto you, Writer?

1) Doubt
2) Procrastination
3) Fear
4) Daily Chores (yes, bills, included)
5) Family
6) FEAR (there is a capital-lettered one different from #3)
7) Blockage
8) Over-Analysis
9) Bloatedness
10) False Friends
11) Dependence
12) Critics and Fear of Criticism
13) Desire, or lack of
14) Dreams and Fantasies
15) Weak Will

There are more, but let's stop here before you scare yourself too much. Or maybe, you can tell me what is it exactly that's freezing your brain these days? I am a good listener.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


There's a darkness in a writer's soul that even my light cannot shine for you. I know how cold it is there; I have seen you shiver when you tread into that cavern. Don't stay in there too long. Whatever you're seeking in there might harm you. I do not know; I have never been there. I only know that it stops you from writing. Stops you from creating. Stops you from being.

You have gone in there too long this time. The frost is not good for you. Do not keep grieving.

Grief can freeze a writer's soul.

Come back. Create.
You out there: what is stopping you today? Because there are places Gennita's Muse advises you to avoid.